Disengaged patients is a key failure point in the US Healthcare System. The Integrative Healthcare Practice has a clear advantage over the practice of conventional medicine when it comes to creating close relationships with patients. Implementing solutions that strengthen the IH physician - patient relationship means driving deeper engagement with patients, better health outcomes, and an integral component to the cure for sick care. Delivering a seamless patent experience in cost-effective way is a significant hurdle for IH practices. Most Integrative Healthcare practices:

  • Have low individual spending rates and are unable to take advantage of volume discounts on purchases.
  • Lack staffing power or the expertise needed to identify and create value chains in the delivery of IH services.
  • Limited time or knowledge on how to effectively drive business processes and a seamless patient experience.

The Integrative Healthcare model is growing. With a focus on direct patient relationships, IH promises to reshape the delivery of healthcare and IGP is on a mission to provide members with the tools, expertise, and knowledge necessary to help IH practices get there faster.

Practice Acceleration



Maintain positive patient relationships as your business grows with our patient support solutions.



Driving down costs through standardizing fees and terms for core product and services.


Value Chains

End-to-end control over delivery at every stage of a patient's healthcare cycle.



Content and events where IH practitioners exchange best practices in practice management.



Identification and analysis of key data factors in the delivery and improvement of IH products and services.

IGP was founded with one purpose in mind:

To partner with IH practices in identifying and adopting effective ways to accelerate practice growth.

Core Service Providers